Focused on wellness and healthcare, SANMARÉ Health-Care Group offers integral services oriented to cover the various areas of modern medicine.


SANMARÉ Health-Care Group is a first-contact ambulatory care clinic in Puerto Vallarta with certified and bilingual medical staff, infirmary and assistants, dedicated to medical care and wellness. Covering numerous fields of modern medicine, it is committed to offer excellence in health services with a human touch.


Based in Puerto Vallarta, the first-contact ambulatory care clinic SANMARÉ Health-Care Group offers a wide array of specialized medical services focused on providing excellent care to the patient, all of which is supported by state of the art equipment, latest technology, as well as certified and bilingual medical staff, infirmary and assistants.


Meg DeLone

Meg DeLone

Pam, Thanks so much for setting me up with Dr Galindo. The experience with Dr Galinda and SanMare was excellent. I would recommend the clinic and doctor to anyone. Prompt, efficient and very reasonably priced Would happily provide a referral or positive review
Kay Lilley

Kay Lilley

I arrived at SANMARÉ with my broken ankle, although I first contacted Pamela Thompson through the web. When I arrived at the clinic, a wheelchair was waiting for me to take me to the X-rays. Then they did some studies and I paid $4,791 pesos for everything. Where could you get such quick and reasonable service at home? I loved not having to wait in an emergency room when a clinic worked perfectly for my case. Thank you for the care provided at all times.


I was the first patient of SANMARÉ clinic and Dr. Pedro Urzúa offered me an excellent service, explaining me in detail how to treat my suffering. Pamela Thompson was always in touch with me and I thank her for everything she does for the Puerto Vallarta’s community.
SANMARÉ Health-Care Group

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

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T. +52 (322) 252-1711