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The summer before last, on a very hot and humid day, I was in my office and Dr. Joya called me and told me to meet him in the parking lot. So out I went, thinking I would probably melt because he is always late. He pulled up (no waiting!), I got in the car and said ‘where are we going?’ He said ‘to Soriana!’ Of course I thought to myself, WTH? Lunch at Soriana? So he pulled up next door to Soriana and said ‘look at the building.

What do you think?’ It was the Peter Piper Pizza Place and had been closed for several years. I knew it because we had a couple of grandkids birthday parties there. I said “holy crap! You are not thinking of going into the pizza bussiness now, are you?” because i never know what he will come up with sometimes. He said ‘no, for a clinic!’ Why not? I thought. The place was huge! And from that day forward as we moved into this vision, he and I still call it ; the pizza place'(lovingly of course).

Fast forward to this past summer when ‘the pizza place’ became a hive of activity. Construction workers. Permits. Hiring of staff. Radiology equipment. Lab equipment. Generators. Oxygen. And about 1 million other things that go into opening a state-of-the-art clinic and outpatient surgery center. It is almost unfathomable to understand the work, blood, sweat, tears (and money) that has gone in to the opening of SANMARÉ Clinic.

It is now open! I could not be more thrilled, more scared, more stressed or more proud. Investors and nurses, physicians and housekeeping. Architects and receptionists. Computer systems that boggle my mind. teamwork that sometimes feels like an NFL football team, coordinating, planning, strategizing and continually putting one foot in front of the other to from this vision, this dream of all of ours.

And low and behold, i will have a meeting room! A gorgeous, large, sparkling meeting room to have everything from speaker’s presentations to support groups and more! And this meeting room is also available to the public for gatherings and meetings. (Contact me for info!).

A large part of the excitement are some new healthcare professionals we have on board. I will do bio’s/articles on the in upcoming articles.

My ‘vision’ for SANMARÉ is offer that ‘one step above’ in patient/customer service. My goal. My ‘meta’. And i know that we can ‘rock this place’ as Dr. Carlos Quintero, our medical director says.

SANMARÉ offers such a wide variety of services including board certified GP’s on duty 7 days a week. Feeling poorly but not emergency room poorly? We are there for you. Lab work, radiology (X-ray and ultrasound with brand new equipment). And bilingual!

What SANMARÉ is not: We are NOT an emergency room for critical situations, heart attacks, traumas, strokes. Those typoe of issues are ONLY for a hospital! We are not an overnight center. Surgeries performed at SANMARÉ are DAY surgeries. And we are conveniently located right across the street from Hospital San Javier Marina!

I will continue with San Javier Hospital, absolutely! I love it there and I will continue to see the inpatients and work closely with the staff who I adore. And I will ruin across the street to my (very spacious) office at SANMARÉ after early morning time at the hospital.

Our grand opening event is February 1, 2019 at 6pm. Watch for an invite if you are on my email list and as well, on Facebook. You are all invited! Have a tour!

Located next door to Soriana, South-side of where the cruise ships dock, across the street from Hospital San Javier Marina. 7 days a wekk. 7am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday 7am to 4pm.

Here’s to a smashing week!

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